Board of Directors








Sisa Njikelana – Board Chairperson (Non-Executive)

Mr Njikelana has held elected positions in a Gauteng Metropolitan Council; is a former Member of Parliament, incl. as Chairperson of its Energy Committee, until 2014; and is a former Executive Chairperson of the SA Independent Power Producers Association (SAIPPA), besides being actively involved in industrial energy efficiency, and more broadly in resource efficiency initiatives. More…








Craig Morkel – Co-Founder & CEO

Mr Morkel is a former official in the Department of Justice; an advisor in local government & government relations; and co-chairperson of a community reconstruction & development forum; before being elected to 2 terms of office as a Member of Parliament (1999-2004 & 2004-2009), where he served on its Minerals & Energy; Science & Technology; Sports & Recreation; Public Service & Administration; Communications and Defense committees. Mr Morkel holds qualifications in Public Finance (Afrec UCT); Minerals & Energy (MQA & MEETI); besides Conflict Resolution (CCR UCT). Since 2009 he has acted as a Regulatory & Business Development advisor on Electricity and Oil & Gas to mainly multi-national Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs); Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) contractors and Operations & Maintenance (O&M) providers; Project Developers and Independent Power Producers (IPPs) in the conventional and renewable energy industries; until he co-founded iKapa Energy in 2014. More…







Robert Longhi – Finance Director (Non-Executive)

Mr Longhi is a Fellow of the Certified Public Accountants of Australia (FCPA), a finance and a transaction advisory specialist who has been involved in several successful project development companies, including Renewable Energy projects in Southern Africa and LNG Terminal projects in the Mediterranean. Mr Longhi is also President of RL Capital Partners who act as transaction advisors to iKapa Energy. More…








Colin Wyngaard – Technical Director (Non-Executive)

Mr Wyngaard is a Mechanical Engineer, with 25 years in service experience, who also holds a Bachelors in Business Administration (Honours); a former employee of Eskom Generation at a coal power plant, specialising in water systems; a former employee of Saldanha Steel, specialising in liquid iron from reduction gas furnaces; an international industrial process auditor for British American Tobacco Plc; before founding TRA-COL Solutions which includes (i) a source & supply procurement division and (ii) a mechanical installation & maintenance contracting division with a Construction Industry Development Board grading of Mechanical Engineering 5 Potentially Emerging (ME5PE). More…








Bulelwa Belu-Toni - Economic Development Director (Non-Executive)

Ms Belu-Toni is a social facilitation specialist; a former director of Liebenberg & Stander Consulting Engineers (now Bergstan); and present owner of Elite Consulting which has been contracted to develop socio-economic development solutions for mega construction projects, besides housing and education facility developments. Ms Belu-Toni has more than 15 years experience in facilitating local economic development around project sites, incl. supplier & enterprise development, skills development, job creation, community liaison and public participation.








Wessel Rabbets – Legal & Regulatory Director (Non-Executive)

Advocate Wessel Rabbets is a lawyer; a former senior official in local government (incl. as a Municipal Manager), provincial government (incl. in the Office of the Premier) and national government (incl. in the then Department of Constitutional Development & Planning), and more recently as a management consultant to consulting firms (incl. Agitominds after a period at PricewaterhouseCoopers – PwC), and to various local and district municipalities (incl. as Administrator on several occasions).









Lungelwa Sigasana - Communications Director (Non-Executive)

Ms Sigasana is a communications professional, specialising in marketing and project management, holding a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management and Administration (Honours) from the Stellenbosch University Business School (USB), is a business owner (incl. Tshawe Communications, Insight Solutions & Expound), besides being involved in community-based and non-governmental organisations (incl. a Director of the Board at Rape Crisis). Ms Sigasana is fluent in English, Afrikaans, Xhosa and Zulu.






Former Board Members







Gerald Morkel (Deceased – Founding Chairman)

The late Alderman Morkel started out his working life as an artisan in the construction industry; then building contractor; co-founder of a bursary fund; sports administrator & selector; director of various companies; until he was elected to 7 (seven) successive terms of office across national, provincial and local spheres of governance. During these terms of elective office Ald. Morkel served as Minister of Budgetary & Auxiliary Services; Western Cape Minister of Housing; Western Cape Minister of Police and Leader of Government Business; before serving as Western Cape Premier and Cape Town Mayor.  Ald. Morkel was co-signatory to a number of International Co-Operation Agreements between the Western Cape Government and other regional governments, incl. the state of California in the USA, the state of Bavaria in Germany and the province of Shandong in China.









Mthozami Xiphu (Resigned due to potential conflicts of interest since appointment to PetroSA Board)

Mr Xiphu is a lawyer; a former official in local government and the Department of Minerals & Energy; a former CEO of the Petroleum Agency of SA (PASA); serves on the Board of PetroSA (the SA National Oil Company), is a leader in Operation Phakisa – Oceans Economy, and is the present Executive Chairperson of the SA Oil & Gas Alliance (SAOGA). More…



Special Advisors

iKapa Energy is further advised by internationally acclaimed advisors in the following highly-specialised areas of the LNG / Gas value-chain:

* Gas / LNG Techno-Economics (incl. upstream; midstream and downstream technical; commercial [incl. trading, marketing, aggregation, transmission, distribution and utilisation arrangements]; regulatory; legal; economic development and project management options);

* Gas / LNG Terminals (incl. LNG cargo vessels, berthing / mooring, custody transfer, storage & regasification system design, development, financing, construction and operations options);

* Gas / LNG Transport (incl. maritime, rail, road, pipeline & storage system design, development, financing, construction and operations options);

* Gas Utilisation (incl. Gas To Power, Gas To Industry, Gas To Commerce, Gas To Residential, Gas To Transport and Gas To Liquids system design, development, financing, construction and operations options); and

* Gas Industrialisation (incl. leveraging LNG / Gas Supply; and Gas Utilisation for skills development; supplier & enterprise development; local content and job creation, besides other economic development contributions).


Given the energy-water-food nexus, iKapa Energy is also advised by world-renowned specialists in the areas of:

* Water (incl. advisors on the design, development, financing, construction and operations options for facilities to produce Potable, Agricultural & Industrial quality water by sourcing and treating wastewater; groundwater & seawater); and

* Biomass (incl. advisors on the design, development, financing, construction and operations options for facilities to produce Biofuels, Biocoal & Biogas from the cultivation, harvesting, transportation and conversion of non-food crops, that would also serve to offset Greenhouse Gas emissions through photosynthesis).


Gas is the new Green!